RF Lifting and Wrinkles

The Waves lift equipment using a capacitive coupling electrode to transmit radio waves of energy, and produces an electric field across the skin epidermis 2.5 mm, reached the depth of the subcutaneous fat, heating fat interval (septum).Under the high frequency of 450000 hz, the electric field change polarity 450000 times every second.Make the skin into the subcutaneous tissue of high-frequency waves within the charge particles in the same frequency natural resistance movement, so as to generate heat.

Waves lift except knit it was performed by using plasma radio frequency technology and is the world’s only non stripping and non-invasive lift technology, non-surgical, non-intrusive, no bleeding, no needle, painless and comfortable characteristics, widely used in cosmetic.Rf skin anti-wrinkle mainly radio frequency can be generated within the specific depth subcutaneous 40, 68 MHZ radio frequency waves, radio waves to the water molecules inside the collagen, make a bipolar high-speed rotating friction heat, water molecules to collagen heating effect, to have the “lift” anti-wrinkle effect.